A letter from me

Good morning! I’m Kaela. I strive daily to be an example. I work on and share my relationship with God, and I make moves to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Kinesiology graduate, I take my passion for living a healthy lifestyle quite seriously. I believe a healthy lifestyle means ‘inside and out’ and as a Theology graduate, I use my love for the Lord and principles from the Bible to maintain this lifestyle. I do not train three hours every day, nor do I prepare all my meals for the week in advance on a Sunday evening. I do not eat the same things every day or even count calories; whether on paper or with an app. What do I do? I live my life. I have created a lifestyle that is healthy and balanced – for me.

I lived a life very similar to the above in the past. As a collegiate basketball player, my teammates and I won the National Championship. I had a career for years with the National Basketball Association and worked among some of the world’s most elite athletes. I also competed in figure body building competitions throughout the United States. I set goals, I did whatever it took to achieve them, and I am proud of myself for the hard work and dedication I put in during those times. I applaud anyone who sets a goal and works day in and day out to reach it.

Now, my goal is to inspire, encourage, and coach others in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, spiritually, physically, and mentally – for themselves. I strongly believe that being healthy is not just how our bodies feel or look physically but also spiritually and mentally how we live. Whether you are a single mother of three and work 14 hour days, a corporate executive with a full family at home, or a college student living on minimal income; my passion is to help you create your lifestyle. With my expertise, education, and experience, I will open your eyes to opportunities within your daily routine to make small shifts. I will share tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way so that being healthy does not take time away from the family, the kids, or studying.

I believe you can do this. I have done it in my own life and helped many others so far. I am here beside you. You’re worth it. Let’s do this!


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