You’re frustrated because you know what to do, and you’ve done it before,
but time and consistency is getting in the way.

You have the power to improve your life. Everything you need is already inside you. Sometimes you just need a little push to get you going and personal health coaching can give you that support, those tools, that “push”. I GET IT… I’ve been there. I’ve been the high level athlete training countless hours a day. Then I was the young professional, a young female professional in the man’s world of professional sports. I moved back home as a grown woman and helped with everything around the house, still trying to make sure I was growing and had “me time”. Busy, overwhelmed, stuck, “who am I?”, “Where did I go?”… I GET IT! IF NOT NOW, WHEN? Those thoughts you have daily: the day-dreams about living your best life, about getting healthier, about reading more, about relaxing, about your relationship with Jesus, about your thighs, about those cute shoes… those thoughts are all valid. So, it is time to do something about it. And the time is NOW!


I want to help you. Through education, experience, and relationships, I figured out how to help myself. I started to focus on Jesus and I made the shift. I found a way to create my best healthy lifestyle spiritually, physically, and mentally, and I want to share that with you! My goal is not to just get you to see results. My desire is not to see you fit into that dress in your closet that you purchased but have yet to fit in. My desire is to help you create YOUR healthy lifestyle – a lifestyle YOU can maintain! Six weeks is a fair amount of time, and if you stick with something, it can most definitely become a way of life for you. I would be honored to help you with that journey. This is about YOU! You are intelligent, you are beautiful, you are strong, and most of all, you know what you need. So let’s do this… together! All those thoughts and dreams, let’s make them a reality! HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:

  • eight week 1:1 coaching program
  • three workouts each week (20-30 minutes each) to make your fitness routine doable (based on equipment you have available to you)
  • printable workout schedule to keep you on track
  • 20 different workouts, just in case you get bored easily
  • instructional videos of each exercise
  • three private coaching calls via phone, FaceTime, or Skype. We can adjust and troubleshoot issues and work on your mindset
  • unlimited access to me via email or text message during the day for support and guidance
  • weekly email check-in questionnaire
  • nutritional guidance
  • mindset and spiritual guidance to help you create a consistent routine
  • amazing before & after photos (taken by you and results achieved by you)
  • all the encouragement, motivation, and Jesus you want (this part is completely up to you but it is my passion and a big part of my healthy lifestyle coaching

Investment: $249 for 8 weeks
(BLACK FRIDAY 50% OFF = $125)

It’s time for YOU. What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Holla at me!