Do you live in the Phoenix area, need or want a personal trainer, but have a limited budget or limited schedule to meet with a trainer? My hybrid coaching program may be for you!

In six weeks, anyone can change their own game.
With a coach by your side, your results can be escalated!
Let me be that coach for you.

As with all of my programs, I firmly believe in creating YOUR healthy lifestyle and finding a plan that works for you. This is not as easy as searching and downloading a one-size-fits-all program. And for some of us, a program on paper just isn’t enough. That’s where my hybrid coaching program comes in.


Do you ever research something, know it could help you, order it, then find that you have no clue where to start or how to effectively use it? I’ve been there too. I remember ordering this new ultimate wax for my car and when I got it I found myself on youtube for hours trying to figure out how to use it correctly!

With my hybrid coaching program, we will work together. I will create a custom workout program for YOUR lifestyle that you can do either at home or in the gym (whichever you prefer). In addition to the custom program, you will receive 4 in-person training sessions (including assessments) with me (day 1, week 2, week 4, last day). These in-person training sessions are crucial to the success of some individuals. I will not only instruct you how to properly do the exercises but tweak and adjust your program to your needs, and increase the challenge as necessary.


You will have the ability during this program to purchase additional individual in-person training sessions a la carte at the current rate.


Check out the layout of the program below and email me with any questions: info@kaelafit.com

This program layout is one of my favorites! In addition to helping you create a healthy lifestyle for YOU, we get to work together and see your progress face to face! It’s time to invest in yourself and let’s get you to YOUR goals!



  • 60 minute initial Skype/Facetime/phone call
  • Vision & goals for the next 6 weeks
    • Within 3 days, YOUR customized program will be ready to schedule DAY 1
  • Workout/assessment #1 (DAY 1)
    • You will receive your program for the next 2 weeks
  • Workout/assessment #2 (WEEK 2)
    • You will receive your NEW program for the next 2 weeks
  • Workout/assessment #3 (WEEK 4)
    • You will receive your NEW program for the final 2 weeks
  • Workout/assessment #4 (FINAL DAY)
  • 6 week customized workout program for your lifestyle includes:
    • resistance training workouts
    • cardiovascular recommendations
    • nutrition tools and tricks that will fit your lifestyle
    • adjustments & changes every 2 weeks
  • Tools for taking action

(over $400 value)

It’s time for YOU. What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

For more information, please email info@kaelafit.com