Do you have a goal in your mind that has been there for a while but you just need a boost to get going? Have you been procrastinating? Nervous? Scared? … ME TOO!  Whether your goal is fitness related or not, #junejumpstart could be the perfect time and way to get you going.

Sign up for #junejumpstart and from June 1-15, you will have full access to me for FREE! I will share the ins and outs of my philosophy on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle: spiritually, physically, and mentally.

By joining #junejumpstart you will be added to the closed facebook group where everything will take place. In there you can expect:

  • Daily inspiration
  • Daily exercise suggestions
  • Daily nutrition advice
  • Accountability and motivation from me and others
  • Guided devotional reading & study
  • 6 different at-home workouts
  • 2 LIVE workouts (via Facebook)
  • My grocery list
  • My fave recipes
  • My go-to playlists
  • My fave quotes, podcasts, books
  • My tips for balance, self-love, and dealing with bumps in the road

I will be present DAILY in the group. You can ask questions and I will do my best to guide you.

You already know you have a purpose, you feel the passion, now let’s make a plan! Now is the time. Let’s Go! #junejumpstart