Kaela Fit October 2017 Calendar

Kaela Fit October 2017 Calendar

This calendar (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) is designed from me to you to help you create your own healthy lifestyle spiritually, physically, and mentally. The goal with this calendar is that IN JUST 5-10 MINUTES PER DAY, YOU WILL READ SCRIPTURE, PRAY, AND PHYSICALLY EXERCISE.

THIS MONTH, you will see that I added in “5k Friday!”
This is a challenge that you can personalize. 5k = 3.11 miles. The challenge is that every Friday (or just once/week if a different day works best for YOUR LIFESTYLE), you complete a 5k. You can run, walk, jog, drag your dog, skip, etc. The goal is that you complete this. If you wish, set goals for yourself to improve this challenge as the month progresses. It’s up to you.

For some of you, the challenge will be the exercise. For some of you the challenge will be physically looking up the Scriptures in the Bible. For some of you the challenge will be the prayer. And for some of you, the challenge will be believing in yourself and not giving up.

It is time to be strong: spiritually, physically, and mentally. My prayer is that this is a tool to help you along the way.

Please reach out to me via email kaelafit@gmail.com or on social media (KaelaFit) if you have any questions. I also look forward to hearing your testimonies about this month.





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